Current Status

What is happening now?

Updated December 2017: Based on public feedback, the potential enhancements to the CDCC that were presented at the May 2, 2017, public open house were narrowed into two bundled options for consideration: Option A and Option B. A survey issued in summer 2017 asked respondents which of the two options they preferred. Learn more about Option A and Option B.

The survey found that two-thirds (67%) of respondents are in favour of a major enhancement to the CDCC, with twenty-eight percent (28%) favouring Option A and thirty-nine percent (39%) favouring Option B. Therefore, no single preferred option received majority approval.

In favour of major enhancement 67%
In favour of Option A 28%
In favour of Option B 39%

Because Option B received stronger support than Option A in the previous survey, the Recreation Commission wants to know if the community would support proceeding with Option B if they were asked in a referendum. The Commission directed staff to proceed to coordinating a follow-up survey to gather that critical information.

About the survey

In early December, all households will receive a mailed invitation to participate in the survey. That letter contains information and instructions for accessing the survey. If you have received your letter, you can take the survey now. Thank you to those who have already completed the survey. The survey will be open from December 5 to December 22. Find out how you can Get Involved.

What happens next?

Findings from the December 2017 survey will be used by the Commission to determine its approach to a potential referendum about CDCC enhancements.