Project Timeline

More information about the project timeline

In 2006, a Service review by PERC (Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants) determined that the Commission should “develop a long-term facility plan to identify facility improvements as well as facility additions, including a second ice sheet, improvements to the aquatic centre, and the construction of a new gymnasium and multipurpose space.”

Indicated that the majority of building components are currently beyond their expected lifespan and that the facility as a whole is largely exhausted.

Eligible voters in Castlegar, Electoral Area I and Electoral Area J were asked if they approved of establishing the new recreation service and borrowing up to $25 million for the Complex Expansion. This referendum was defeated.

The Commission initiated the Recreation & Culture Master Plan process “to guide decision making with regards to future recreation and culture facilities and services provided by the Castlegar and District Recreation Commission via the Regional District of Central Kootenay in Castlegar and Areas I & J.”

This process included significant public and stakeholder engagement, and also engaged CDCC staff and elected officials. The Commission engaged RC Strategies+PERC and HCMA Architecture + Design to coordinate this process, which involved:

  • A public survey
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Engagement with staff and elected officials
  • Research review

A recommendation that “the RDCK and the CDRC should proceed with the enhancements and expansion at the CDCC.”

HCMA and RC Strategies+PERC were hired to develop options and concepts for community review based on the Master Plan results.

Public open house was held. Residents were invited to provide their feedback either in person or online. The result of this process was the development of two options: Option A and Option B.

The Recreation Commission felt that, because Option B received stronger support than Option A, it was important to find out whether the community would support moving ahead with Option B if asked in a referendum. The Commission directed staff to proceed to coordinating a survey to gather that critical information. 62% said they would support Option B, and 38% said they would not.

RDCK passes third reading to proceed to a referendum on an area by area basis to borrow $32,370,000 for Option B.

The Commission and RDCK commits to obtaining 10,370,000 in grant funding towards the project, reducing borrowing to 22 Million. Referendum date is set for June 23rd, 2018.

Currently, we’re working with HCMA to update design drawings, produce a video and get updated financial/taxation information.

Option B – Conceptual level drawings.

Once the project is approved, there will be a further engagement process with the community and user groups on.

  • Schematic and design development phases (6 months)
  • Contract develop