Proposed Enhancements

The proposed enhancements to the Complex (formerly known as “Option B”) includes necessary improvements to arena storage and change rooms; social hub-lobby and office expansion; fitness area expansion; new leisure pool; and a second ice sheet, with team rooms and lobby extension.

Necessary Items

  • Demolition of condemned arena storage area
  • Acoustic improvements to the arena
  • Additional hockey change rooms

New Arena

  • New regulation sized ice sheet
  • 150 spectator seats
  • Team rooms
  • Lobby extension to facilitate more leisure skating activities
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Walking Track & Existing Arena upgrades

  • 200 metre walking track
  • Acoustic ceiling panels
  • Retrofit bench seats
  • Enhanced viewing opportunities
  • Additional team change room
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Social Hub

  • Lobby expansion & upgrades
  • New reception & administration offices
  • “Fireside” room
  • Warm viewing area to arena from Lobby
  • Multipurpose / party room for the Aquatics Centre
  • Existing Building
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  • New leisure pool with water features, lazy river and beach entry
  • Change room retrofit
  • Universal change room expansion
  • Spray pad
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Fitness Area

  • New expanded fitness room (cardio, stretching, weights)
  • New fitness studio and storage (group classes)
  • Elevator and stair access to level 2
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Construction Costs

Project borrowing:  $22,000,000
Grant funding:  $10,370,000
Total project cost:  $32,370,000 (estimated)

What this means to you

Taxation for the construction of proposed enhancements is shown as a cost of .481/$1000 of assessment. Using the assessed value of your home, you can calculate what it will cost you. For example:

  • $48.10 for a $100,000 assessed value home
  • $144.30 for a $300,000 assessed value home

Note: Professional consultants have determined the Pioneer Arena is neither sustainable nor viable and a plan is being developed for its closure. There will be no further taxpayer funds committed to do significant repairs to the facility. Information about the Pioneer Arena status and usage can be found in the May 2, 2017, public open house presentation. If these enhancements receive voter assent, a new ice sheet is planned to replace the Pioneer Arena.